Title I Resources

Victory Ridge Academy is a proud affiliate of the Federal Title I program. The goal of Title I is to improve student achievement through effective instruction, professional development, and family involvement.  Parent involvement provides that communication is regular, two-way, and meaningful and that the communication involves student learning or other school activities. More information may be found in our School Improvement Plan. Please also take a moment to review our 2019 Parent Feedback Survey.

District Information:  The District (PCPS) Title I Webpage provides information regarding the Title I program for all participating Polk County Public Schools.  The District Parent Involvement Plan is designed for use across all Polk County Public Schools for parental involvement and the District Parent Involvement Plan Summary (In English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole) provides a summary of these documents. You may also review The District Parent and Family Engagement Plan Summary (English, Spanish). Please take time to review all of the information provided.

Victory Ridge Academy: The VRA Parent and Family Engagement Plan explains what VRA will do to assist parents in becoming more engaged in their student’s education.  The Polk County Schools Parent and Family Engagement Plan (English, Spanish, Haitian Creole) can be used as a guide.

The School Parent Compact (English, Spanish, Haitian Creole) is an agreement among the school, parents, and student on shared responsibility to improve student achievement. Each parent/guardian should review the compact with their child.

The Right To Know Letter (English, Spanish, Haitian Creole) is a required document informing parents attending a Title I school of their rights to request information about the professional qualifications of both the teachers and the para-educators who teach and work with their children.  The federal law defines a Highly Qualified teacher as one who is: fully certified and/or licensed by the state of Florida, holds at least a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution; and demonstrates competence in each core academic subject area the teacher is assigned to teach.

Parent Resources: You are welcome to visit one of the Parent Resource Centers where there is a wide variety of resources for parents and students.  Additional information may also be found at the Parent University and Parent Informational Resource Center (PIRC) websites.

Educational Resources:  The Florida Standards site allows a view into the specific standards that are to be taught during the student’s academic career and the CPALMS (Educator Toolkit) and Florida ESE Information give further information that may be useful.

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