Behavior Program

Victory Ridge Academy has a School Wide Behavior Management System that includes general tools for all students, while including additional strategies for those students with more significant behavioral needs due to the safety risk or disruptive nature of their problem behavior. Our mission is to provide a high level of quality behavioral support to students and educators so that educators can focus on maintaining effective learning environments with minimal distractions.

Essential Components of the Behavior Program:

  • Educator behavioral skills training focusing on prevention strategies using empirically supported methods to manage behavior.
  • Educator monitoring and reinforcement system to ensure excellence in staffs’ implementation of: general, school-wide programs, individualized behavior plans (FBA based), and additional trained skills.
  • Token/Point System: as students make progress on their behavior and IEP goals, they earn points towards high quality rewards and reinforcement.
  • Socially mediated reinforcers to encourage community involvement and improve social skills.
  • High levels of positive adult-child interactions. Educators are consistently monitored with data and provided frequent feedback on their interactions with students to promote healthy, positive environments for all students.
  • Professional Crisis Management (PCM). We do our best to effectively use all resources available to ensure children are not sent home for problem behavior and are provided with as many opportunities as possible to achieve academic success. We use Professional Crisis Management (PCM) procedures to minimize crisis situations.